Film & Video Portfolio

“Mighty Times ~ The Children’s March”

Academy Award Winning Short Form Documentary for HBO Films

Line Producer, Assistant Director, 2nd Unit Director

“Welcome Home”

Summer Vacation Promo Film For The Home Ranch

Writer, Director, Producer, Composer

“Medtone Inhaler Video Tutorial”

Medical product training film

Writer and Producer


Home Ranch Winter Vacation “Video Postcards”

6 short “home video vignettes” for social media campaign

Producer, Director, Composer

Bay Web Thermostat Product Testimonials

4 Short ‘Real World” Video Reviews From Actual Customers

Writer, Director, Producer

“Burnside Bridge” iPhone Music Video

“80’s Street Video” Parody

Writer, Director, Producer, Composer


“A Love So Contagious”

An avant-garde poetry book release promo for writer Jeff Finlin

Producer, Director, Editor, Videographer